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We respect your privacy

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25 May 2018. To comply with this new regulation and ensure our privacy standards reflect the highest possible levels of protection for your data, we would like to share our new privacy statement with you, and offer you an opportunity to unsubscribe from our services. Continue reading


ILRI strategy directions and priorities discussed in Bangkok and Addis Ababa

Following publication of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) strategy 2013-2022, we recently convened discussions on the strategy and its implications with our partners in Southeast Asia and Ethiopia. The May 31 meeting in Bangkok brought together 24 participants to discuss key elements of ILRI’s strategy 2013-2022. Participants are keen to see ILRI take action … Continue reading


ILRI partners provide feedback and advice on ILRI’s draft strategy purpose and goals

As part of the strategy development process, ILRI organized two main sets of external consultations with stakeholders. The first, between May and August, asked people to comment on the ILRI strategy ‘storyline’ as well as three ‘tough issues’ where we wanted some critical inputs and feedback (adopting a value chain approach in our research; increasing … Continue reading


‘Solutions for a Transforming Livestock Sector’: Feedback on a ‘storyline’ for the new ILRI strategy

Between April and August 2012, as part of the institute’s ongoing strategy development process, we asked ILRI staff and external stakeholders to give us comments and feedback on our ‘storyline.’ The storyline argued that today’s challenges of growing food demand, continued rural poverty, climate change, and scarcity of land, energy and water call for changes … Continue reading


Productivity, value chains, and the animal/human health interface: Feedback on some ‘tough issues’ in a new ILRI strategy

In May 2012, as part of its ongoing strategy development process, ILRI asked staff and external stakeholders to give comments and feedback on three ‘tough issues’ it had identified as important to our thinking: adopting a value chain approach in our research increasing our research on livestock productivity addressing the interface of animal and human … Continue reading


ILRI strategy tough issue: Greater focus on livestock productivity?

Livestock productivity is fundamental to the roles that animals play – from household livelihoods to national economies.  For decades, much research has focused on the technical aspects of livestock productivity, attempting to solve challenges related to animal nutrition, health and breeding. In developed countries, combining research results for these three areas has generated significant impacts … Continue reading